Friday, November 23, 2012

Las Vegas Apartment Designed With Upcycled Furnishings

Energy Conscious Decorating is an eclectic style, borrowing freely from various sources, taking elements from a number of doctrines and putting them together in a setting that is unrelated to their origin. 

 There is something Bohemian in this look, in that it defies prevailing conventions 
of Interior Design. We choose to call the look that we have created "Bo ho Chic" , it represents a cultural and spiritual melting pot.  The embodiment of the phrase "Global Village" it requires an open mind, a freedom of spirit. This is a look found in the homes of artist writers and modern nomads.  However sourcing materials for this style of decorating need not involve a great deal of travel.  Today we surf the web to visit other places in the world for a taste of country of origin of furnishings to gather new ideals and inspiration.  In each setting we develop a unique look because it depends entirely on the taste and interest of the client.

 There is a common thread running through the traditions and beliefs of various peoples and cultures of the world. We all seek an inspired space, an environment that provides shelter from harm and stress, in which we can regroup our energies and regain our inner strength.

 The objects we choose to place around us should have a particular personal and spiritual meaning.

 They should be visually pleasing and have memories or associations with events that bring us contentment on reflection and can be tokens of good fortune.  After all we may have developed in the realms of technology and high speed travel, but our bodies with their daily need for warmth, comfort and shelter are the same as our ancestors. It is all about appealing to the primitive hunter- gather in us, going out searching for, even battling to get the right elements to create the environment we seek for our own personal comfort. 


New furniture is now beaten, sanded and painted to have a worn and gnarled appearance


Gather the home furnishings that have withstood the test of time and were made with the highest quality

Many of them discarded in thrift stores. They have become better with age and wear. 

The wood table for example, has become dented and worn. 
Each nook and cranny is exaggerated through age. It provides innovative storage, and fits perfectly beside the sofa.  Painted high gloss white with black handles,  a perfect match for the decor.  

                               Festive Accent Pillows

There’s no greater time of year than right now to cuddle up on the sofa or in bed and watch movie classics.  Whatever your cinematic preferences, a great nest is key, be it in the living room, bedroom or elsewhere.  We've rounded up a host of chic and festive accent pillows to cushion your downtime, from embellishments and botanical prints to leather and suede. While the last in that series maybe more fun to look at than lean against, it still calls to mind the celebratory nature of humans the fact that most of us like to kick our heels up and just savor a little bit of life with the folks we adore the most. So, snuggle up and enjoy                                        




Living In Style

           Off The Grid                        


                                       Sustainable Luxury

Style today more than ever, is about introducing well considered furnishings into a room, and generating the energy that comes from original room designs 


               Choose Your Own Adventure

Sometimes, you just need a piece of furniture to be an exact color — an exact hue — to make you truly happy.  Whether it needs to match the varnish on a companion piece you already own or end up the perfect color that’s nearly impossible to find out there in the marketplace, sometimes we just need to take matters into our own hands to get exactly what we want.  It’s kind of cool to come into something whose future is still being written, isn't it?

Upcycled  Chairs


Lamps and Lighting

 Unique lamps always seem to hold our attention longer 

than any other category of the subject matter we cover.  

Like magpies attracted to shiny objects, we can’t get enough of great lighting. 

Whether it’s small and sparse or gorgeous and grand,

 there’s something captivating about a great source of light.

Vintage Lighting

Entrance Hall Mirror Table and Lamp

                 Create Your Dream Kitchen

Still in the midst of a tough economy, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to completely renovate their homes. 

I have compiled a list of ways to “upcycle” your kitchen—to help you revamp and update for a fresh new look—while staying budget-friendly. 

The typical showstopper in any kitchen is the cabinetry. The cabinets can make the look, in our day and age, a little nip and tuck is the norm. 

Here are some tips to give your kitchen the face lift you desire while being both earth- and wallet-friendly. 

Arlington, Texas   Kitchen          

Repurposing an old curio cabinet is a great way to create new upcycled Kitchen Cabinets if you are remodeling a kitchen.  Here is a fun and creative idea for Repurposing them. 

Solid wood China Cabinets and Armories  make great kitchen cabinets because many times they are made of solid wood. Even though the task can seem daunting, updating your kitchen does not have to be difficult or expensive. A little bit of great design can go a really long way.

I found a beautiful China Cabinet in a Thrift Store. It was so large no one would buy it. My creative juices began to sizzle.  I observed it for Three months before I had the courage to tackle it. By that time it was marked down to a whopping $14.95 Wow!! what a bargain. 

 After careful examination I figured out that I could dismantle it in the parking lot of the store and put it in my Van. It had Three solid wood cabinets that were attached together with screws. I found Bed Rails that went to a broken king size bed and used them to make shelves so that I could retrofit them to fit the wall.


Dining Room

The Mirror Frame made with scraps of wood left from other projects. 

 Painted to match the Bombay Chest.

Vintage Dining Table Painted to match

 the Bombay chest in the Dining Room.

Your decor can showcase a mix of periods and styles

 that run the gamut from antiquity to contemporary.

 The end result is a study of cozy opulence