Thursday, January 3, 2013

Centennial Hills Apartment

             Night View from the Window of Las Vegas Centennial Hills Apartment

 The result of collaboration with my client who believes that decorating rules are meant to be broken, demonstrates a mix-and-match approach to modern and traditional design elements in this master suite. We furnished it with quirky upcycled vintage pieces.  He has a strong taste for visual stimulation. 


We selected black paint, silver trim, crocodile textured vinyl, and a few silver upholstery tacks and  created a whole new look. The photograph above was my inspiration.

Pieces in the worst condition from thrift stores were selected and I was challenged  to pull it together. Take a look at what we had to work with.



Although the tables are completely different, the scale was the same They fill in the space on each side of the bed perfectly.

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  1. love your blog awesome decors ;)